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Sound and leaves the sand

The formation of tread the deciduous fluffy carpet, like I was trampling the time body. "Sand. Sound and leaves the sand" broken voice made me vent and evil pleasure. The sole of the foot stomping on the next time's memory, the trunk center ring is the best evidence to prove the passage of time. Tall trees to cover up the sky, and I like rowing, sailing named memories wandered about in the sea of green. The oars to draw beautiful ripples four weeks to swing open, for the future, as the young when we.
Young, passionate, uninhibited, personality, these should all be indulging in youth we pronoun. We forget who said "I will take an oath devoutly Fudan, will!" , also forget when attend class under the desks out recently bought a new romance novels read flush with shame, finally in tears.
Many of the towering tree thick connected, sends out the exciting life breath, fresh, no trace of impurities as the first sentence "sound like just get out of bed in the morning good" warm heart of the sea. The dense foliage that is like the million palms in the swinging to greeted me. Occasionally, there are just a few of the eagle flew over my head, make the welkin ring calls to leave. Olfactory, visual, auditory, lingering in the grass in the grass between every every crevice.
Gray clouds thin spread in the sky, feel like flames of smoke. Thoughts and memories in the desolate gradually deposited, eventually forming a whole body exudes a thick lonely castle.
Occasionally there are a few crow circling in my head, as if again and again in the laugh at me, laugh at me is a homeless, bad boy. My personality unassuming, only occasionally will send a bad temper, so that people around do not ignore me. Okay, I admit that I once again can't help beside the point.
The idea of the perplexing numerous and pull back. The ruins, what is a scene or image? Is a group of withered not like Chinese parasol tree surrounded by up industrial waste? Or in the unknown distance alone lonely stands just a wall? Or is it a person sitting in the side of the road around the behoove can be called the ruins? I don't understand. They say that if a person has lost the goal, is the real heart become destitute and homeless. I think, it is not rational, however the most rational question I have to face is how to put the results to a large team of grade ten. Finish this sentence, the teacher said I write well, so today I again many a few additional language examination paper.
We always care about most first thing, and give the most sincere feelings of the. This is my free Chinese lessons and do not know which nerve take wrong or short circuit to come up with a word, think about it is also possible that I dissatisfied with life and express little emotion. However I also be rather baffling touched this sentence 'famous'. People are most likely to be touched by his writing, four-dimensional words.
After thinking for a long time, I think I found that I belong to the 'ruin'. It is built in the remote distance, occasionally send let me hear trance sound, but I know it's calling me.  

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