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Hometown is a good time

This time, I am a person "travel". Because it rained last night, the weather is very cool, is a good time to go home. I eat a little simple breakfast to the station ran. To catch the first bus, return to hometown, unable to hold oneself back. Each story in there, I did not dare to forget, I remember everything there. For a time, a suitable opportunity to where the story to tell.
Arriving from the car, I beat out the door. Took a deep breath, the air is mixed with the soil atmosphere, this is a taste, in the city was replaced by the gasoline. Don't do anything else, look around: signal receiver in the village, only some scars; mountain or the original mountain, can be the original vegetable weed occupied; the water is flowing, just hear the sound did not see its shape; the front of the housing under the baptism of years, some bent; the the main Village Road in the village wearing new clothes the cement, a moss the decoration, no rain will not fall; the road is much trash several reel right and left, exudes the awful smell. Several is the age of 40 of the elderly in the sun. After greeting with them, go home.
The door at the end of the road side is my home. Ten families living together, only one door unlocked, so. I just push the door to door, a friction sound, scared me, inside empty. The ground covered with moss, so is the door and window, it is "the moss first-order green, grass green color into the shade". Were it not for his garden, I dare not go in. I to probed, dark, a musty. I opened all the windows, sun homeopathic shot in, here the dust like a prison like, so eager to sunlight, even dancing together. I am not idle, hurriedly seek to wipe to wash clean washbasin, play. While the sun not down the mountain can be dried. Otherwise, no place to sleep at night.
Finishing the afternoon, finally have a place to stay.
After dinner, about seven or so. I wondered, looking for what to do, kill all the time before going to bed. In this shangougou what to do? Walk along the road, take a walk, is also a kind of pastime.  

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