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Every word I can only

We met on the Internet, that you don't even know who I am, but I have been silent about you for a long time, but have never said a word to you. Coincidence of opportunity we met at a friend's introduction. But in general. Ever since that day, the mind and the body is not his own delusional near you. We never meet, but almost every information from. Every word I can only send you to. You crave is just sitting there chatting tea is enough.preamp
In 2013 the fifth day of lunar January, is Valentine's day, ready to heart will not be repressed complex everything. This day, this should be my girl friend, but for some reason we were not together. It is expected to spend the day with you. As I wish, we are friends that day and went to the nightclub, you sit in my next, dare not open, can only secretly look, have to quickly shifted. That night we did not say a few words. Maybe I had too much to drink some faint, send 99 roses club I wanted to hold you hand in friend eye, but others gave an idiot. Although regrettable, but also rejoice, I am afraid that scare you.

In the first chance we alone two people sit together to eat dinner, you avoid my eyes, I escape from your eyes. With great care to touch each other heart. Is the date, let us deeply into the mire and unable to extricate themselves. That night when you ask me if I have a girlfriend, I don't want to lie to you, after you see very afflictive, wondering why there are also associated with female friends. I asked myself from the bottom of my heart, if love is not too soon, but after a period of time in retrospect, really sure is unable to speak the love. Unable to speak because I have a girlfriend at that time. Love is too selfish. I'm sorry.
I pray your little friend, pray for you, forgive me, forgive my selfish. I really think and you together of the time is the most happy time, I don't want to lose you, do not want to let you leave me, even if we are the best friend. Although there are some ambiguous. It's a happy time.Embroidery is an ancient art
In fifteen day of lunar January, I a person in the solitary house. And although the girlfriend for so many years, but still very little in the night together, so, lonely night is my very good friend. When you say you want to accompany me not to want to let me alone. I don't know my mood at that time is what kind of, should be the unspeakable. Watching movies at home you snuggle together, in contact with your right arm for my left arm, is the dead meat, stuck motionless. We lay on a bed, you sleep habit of holding the pillow quietly grabbed my arm, I'm not a night to change position, the waist is tired like moving a centimeter or. You lie in front of my eyes quietly side closed, my heart can you feel? Your breathing rhythm in my ear gently blowing, sometimes with his lips. Look at your face, listen to your breathing, I can not help but kiss you. Touch your mouth quickly recovered. I'm afraid you feel. And you get to sleep.28 let the keywords ranking significantly improved SEO technique  

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