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Sister to brother do

Brother, you sorry sister, you are really sorry!

Brother, in fact, I never really told you once, but the sister every call you when, should use the name and close to ten times than the elder sister,always like to call you "egg", Teeth whitening why, you are the only boy child in the home, one family are particularly love you, especially me, your little sister, I was only three years older than you more, but I always love, say, elder sister is four years older than you, sister to let you have a good, at least I want you more than my childhood.

I know, you remember, in order to you, in order to be a boy, when she is three months, it was Mom cruel weaned, but, also sent a little gift. Also, your little sister, she is a poor girl, when she was a few months, no sister so lucky, she was sent. Everything is in order to you, she cried and took the third sister's hand, say: "good younger sister, and sister go to university, money and other sister, sister recognize you back." You know, so many years, I have been thinking in the heart of the poor girl, when someone says, see a girl and I look like in the street , I know, that is they see your sister, because of this, and we were not a few miles.

Later, because of family planning, sister like a stray cat, sent to the home, and then sent to the home, when I was a child, sister not to eat for several days of milk,vitamin cdo not drink a bag of milk, I only cornmeal porridge to drink, you know, when she was five years old, in order not to drink porridge, don't eat cornmeal, sister cry how long?

For so many years, in her heart, I have no solid sleep a day night, I think, you know, because this day is you accompany sister together, that year, our grandmother died, sister cry several stun, grandma go, mark with the wandering sister. Sister learning achievement is very good, also very can sing, like writing, but I also write very good.

Mom and dad went to town to do business, the eight year old you, and twelve year old sister in the home, sister after school every day to cook and clean for you, give you the sewing, but also help you with your homework, then sister will live very tired, but my sister has never said, sister is also a sister, but the elder sister elder sister has never been so concerned about my sister, the elder sister to do a good sister. I can't let you live too tired!

Later, we came to the town, and my parents live together, you know, I was so happy, because my sister happy no longer cooking and washing, but that a dream broken, mom and dad every day good intentions to work, to earn money, because they wanted me to have the good so,residential design I have to cook, also washing, different is, the original sister only do two things, and now I must do five things.  

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